With the level of advancement in tech today, Artificial Intelligence has turned into a major trend. It is exhibited by machines where they think and work like human beings.

Tech today isn’t just limited to Apple’s SIRI or Amazon’s Alexa. There are other Artificial Intelligence powered applications that assist your business develop and accomplish substantial benefits.

With the expanding requirement for speed, precision, and security, Artificial Intelligence has an incredible scope in the field of mobile application development.

The following are some of the applications that demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence has changed mobile-based applications.

Google Assistant

One of the most widely utilized applications powered by Artificial Intelligence is the Google Assistant.

This is a voice-controlled application that enables you to carry out lots of tasks like sending messages, make telephone calls, set reminders for appointments and other special events and some more.

You should simply press and hold the home button of your smartphone and say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” to turn on the AI technology powered virtual assistant. Then follow the instructions as displayed on the screen.


It is a personalized virtual assistant that aides in identifying messages that should be responded to, remind you about appointments and even includes the details of your trips like flights to the calendar and gives notices.

The application provides extraordinary help with smartly dealing with your calendar, contacts, and mail.

Siftr Magic

It is another Artificial Intelligence fueled mobile app that helps free up space in your smartphone by distinguishing and deleting the jun photos.

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When you have excessively numerous photos it is a stressful task to sit and filter them choosing what to keep and what to let go of.

Siftr Magic is truly outstanding and effective cleaner application accessible today that aides in easily cleaning your smartphone.


Artificial Intelligence powered mobile applications not just provide great assistance with your everyday official tasks, yet in addition, tackles that troublesome math issue.

This application takes a photo of the issue and provides well-ordered solutions.

Recent News

This application is developed for the individuals who love reading. Based on your past reading patterns the application updates you with the most recent articles about news from your various areas of interest.

It has been powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms and furthermore makes suggestions for relevant articles that you might like to read.


This is a language application that assists in enhancing your English accent. The application can be downloaded for free.


This voice-based Artificial Intelligence powered mobile application provides precise navigations, weather forecasts, traffic situations, and so forth.

You can also make a call or text hands-free utilizing the application.

Google Allo

It is an Artificial Intelligence fueled messaging application, known to perform different assignments like adding events to the calendar and finding videos, and so forth.


This is also an Artificial Intelligence powered application that is to some degree like the Google voice search and helps you make inquiries utilizing your voice.

Microsoft Pix

This application helps in making some astonishing pictures. It not just upgrades the settings naturally. However, it likewise chooses the absolute best shots and erases the rest.

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Cortana is an Artificial Intelligence powered application that aids in scheduling appointments, send messages or search for anything on the web. To utilize the application the user needs to sign in to a Microsoft account.


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